Meet the Team

It’s tough to even know where to begin with this blog series because there is so much information to get through.

When I first got the idea of starting a Kickstarter campaign, it seemed so simple.

But I couldn’t have been any further off the mark.

What I thought would be a simple video and marketing campaign has turned into a full blown project.

August 1st is the date I have selected to launch the Fit and Wealthy Kickstarter project. That gives us nearly 2 months to get all of our pre-launch preparation in place.

We’re going to need every second of it.

There are giant tasks at hand such as building our email list through social media marketing, getting our sample products manufactured, finding a solution for our distribution and fulfillment, getting pictures and videos created and reaching out to press outlets for media exposure. Just to name a few.

I will be covering all of these topics in depth leading up to the campaign to make this one of the most comprehensive and insightful looks into what it takes to put together a successful crowdfunding project.

As I have gotten further into my research it became apparent that I couldn’t do this alone.

I have to build a team.

Fortunately, everything has been falling into place at the right time and I have already been able to assemble a team of complete badasses.

My wife, Julie: Julie is a complete powerhouse. She has single handedly taken care of the manufacturing process and other tasks while I have been on an offshore rig for the past 2 weeks.  I have had limited wifi while out at sea so everything that’s been put together lately is a result from her. Can’t be replaced.

Nish:  Nish is a sharp friend of mine from Australia. He also happens to be an investor in FW. Great business mind to have on the team to toss around ideas with.

Danny Buck: I wanted to shortcut this whole Ecommerce process and find someone who could help guide me to the top. Enter Danny. Danny is the owner of Circulr, a watch brand that has been valued at over a million dollars in just 6 months. His success and attitude made him a perfect fit as my consultant.

Chelsi: My sister-in-law, Chelsi is a huge asset to the team. It became apparent that I would need help managing outreach to media outlets and the million other things on the list. Instead of hiring a VA I was able to get a more trusted and talented person to help put this all together.

Battlehorn Media / Venture Addicts: These guys are such a huge component to my campaign. They make the dopest content on their Instagram page @ventureaddicts and will be producing my video and other visual content for the Kickstarter as well as in the future. What I like about them most is their drive. They’re just some young cats that just recently dropped out of college to pursue their dreams. Their ambition and willingness to learn is their best asset and one that resonates deeply with me. Perfect match.

There are several more that will be joining this squad, but it is already shaping up to be a fucking machine.

This is a big lesson for me learning to delegate tasks.

I have always struggled with execution.  I’m more of a mastermind that has the big vision and understanding of the grand scheme. But when it comes to the ins and outs, the daily execution, I’m the worst.

Now that I have a team surrounding me to bring the ideas to life, we’re unstoppable.

I very much look forward to seeing everyone around me grow and succeed during this project.

Now that I have the introductions done for everyone who is currently working on this campaign, I will start to get into the gritty details in future posts.

Stay Tuned.

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